Theme: Hydrology and water resources management

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The topics covered are:

  • Understanding, monitoring and forecasting of hydrological extremes (floods and droughts; extent, frequency and intensity, uncertainty estimation and data assimilation)
  • Urban hydrology (drainage sustainable restoration of natural processes, surface run-off)
  • Management of water resources
  • Hydraulic engineering and systems
  • Effects of variability and climate change
  • Water and ecosystems (soil-plant-atmosphere interaction, eco-hydrology, water and food)

The researchers involved in this theme are:

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  • Giorgio Boni Flood forecasting and warning, Remote sensing, Hydrologic risk
  • Ilaria Gnecco Extreme Rainfall, Sustainable Drainage, Stormwater Pollution
  • Luca Giovanni Lanza Precipitation Measurement, Flood risk, Urban hydrology
  • Anna Palla Urban hydrology, Flood mitigation, Green infrastructure
  • Giorgio Roth Risk management, Hydromorphology, Hydrological extremes
Last update 1 July 2024